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Are you prepared for healthcare reform compliance?

This month is the 6th month since H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.P.A.C.A.), otherwise known as “Health Care Reform,” was passed.  This sixth month anniversary is important because many provisions go into effect September 23, 2010.  Mandates could mean penalties for companies who do not comply.  It is therefore important that employer groups have excellent consultants who advise them on relevant rules.  This needs to be done on an ongoing basis since many of these rules are being interpreted, developed, and released almost daily.

This new broad-sweeping legislation did not provide for any “cost containment” for the provisions.  It does, however, contain a section entitled, Title IX-Revenue Provisions, Subtitle A—Revenue Offset Provisions.  Hence the name, this is where many of the methods intended to raise money to help pay for the reform are included.  The attached article by msnbc.com, “Health reform begins: What changes mean to you highlights some of these areas. There is much in the code that is not addressed in this article.